Audiotour with Amy Pickles and Chloé Janssens at See U Brussels, December 2022, and at Eben Ezer Tower, Bassenge, July 2021

A semi-live performance of a wandering audiotour broadcasted via a Signal group to an audience near and around the site of an abandoned stone quarry in the South of Belgium, later reinterpreted on the site of See U, the country’s former police headquarters in Brussels.

A narrative meditation spoken in-with the voices of Nitrogen, Rock Formations and a connective tissue as Matrix, invites as shared wit(h)nessing, in Bracha Ettinger’s terms, of both sites as wounds in-with a (partial) healing, possible tropes of transformation.  

Both audiotours have originated from our worksession Down Dwars Delà with Constant VZW.  

not a moment too soon

not a moment too soon is a collaborative inquiry into color, friendship, and a missing painting, started in January 2022.